June 28, 2017


CARDO is seeking international volunteer opportunities in Sierra Leone.

The Ambassadors Programme is CARDO’s general volunteering programme designed for professionals, graduates and students willing to donate their precious and valuable time and skills to empower West African children through education. If you are a qualified and experienced teacher you can join the CARDO Teacher Training Programme in directly supporting teacher development in Sierra Leone.


CARDO’s project work is carried out by our exceptional team on the ground whose dedicated work is making a significant and long-lasting impact. By volunteering with CARDO abroad you are adding capacity and supporting our partners in carrying out our core project work in delivering the vulnerable lives of deprived Children in the Villages.


There are several ways to become a CARDO Ambassador.  We offer short- and long-term opportunities for people hoping to gain valuable experience in the local development sector or wanting to understand more about child rights and the promotion of quality education in the developing world.

Whether you are a professional, graduate or current student, the Ambassadors Programme offers something for everyone. Most importantly the programme is seeking individuals who can meet and support our ever-changing needs on the ground.
For people looking to take something truly valuable from their time spent giving something back, we’re confident that we represent the best all-round volunteer experience available.

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The Ambassadors Teacher Training Programme is a unique opportunity for qualified teachers, to make a difference to thousands of children’s lives in Sierra Leone. Our goal is to improve the standard of teaching across our Rural School projects.

In Sierra Leone there will be time to explore and visit our projects, get involved in hands-on education work with teachers and students, travel to some of the remotest parts of Sierra Leone and to meet other teachers, interact with school children who are keen to develop and share resources with Children.
By volunteering your time during school holidays, during temporary leave or as a retired teacher you can help us create a positive impact upon rural education in Sierra Leone.


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