June 28, 2017

Aims & Objectives


To foster good relationship between communities and the development of skills for the enhancement of effective strategies for community integration, empowerment and development.

To advocate for the promotion of quality education, and skills training for children.


To promote the educational, technical and entrepreneurial skills that will increase the livelihood and living standards of communities

To foster the educational development for sustainable development

To promote environmental hygiene and protection among communities for children

To help promote viable socio-economic activities in communities through the application of the Local Content Policy.

To collaborate with government and other interested Non-Governmental organization to formulate policy and reduce the high rate of poor children with extreme poverty in the rural communities

To partner with other organizations and initiatives in promoting the livelihood of children in the rural communities through the national development agenda.

To work for the equalization of opportunity for disadvantage and vulnerable children.

To pilot initiative facilitating mainstreaming of poor and disadvantage children in the society.

To advocate for the promotion of inclusive education in the country.