June 28, 2017

About Us


Community Advocacy for Relief and Development Organization (CARDO) is a Non-Governmental Charity Organization based on Children in the Rural Communities, we are working in support for young Children through education empowerment and undertakes advocacy activities for social and sustainable change.
However, with the passage to time CARDO will strengthened its linkages with other regional and international like-minded think tanks and organizations in order to contribute global struggle against poverty, high illiteracy rates, environmental degradation, extremism and racial discrimination among young Children.


To work for building the organizations of deprived children in supporting their struggles for sustainable socio-economic development through participation in planning and implementation of development process and influencing the policies for transparent, responsive and responsible governance.

Our work is focused on young Children in which we help empower them by creating a platform for them to connect and build their lives for a sustainable future. We use three tools to achieve our goals:


  • Education and Child welfare
  • Advocacy activities
  • And Development


focuses on providing sustainable solutions to allow underprivileged children gain a solid foundation and the tools needed to advance in their communities through access to a safe education.


At CARDO, we conduct advocacy on a variety of levels to encourage decision makers to value, protect and advance the worth and rights of children especially in the remote rural communities of Sierra Leone.



Our direct work with children addresses a wide range of child protection issues, including combating the harmful practices of child

labor; unnecessary institutionalization; violence in schools, homes and communities; corporal punishment; child marriage; among others as all this can be achieved through the enhancement and empowerment of education as when Children are in School prevents them from taking part in most of these bad practices.



We source and place volunteers for work on child development projects aimed at empowering some of the most vulnerable children in the world by giving them the chance to go to school.

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